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The Hard Truth

Compared to other regions of the world, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest number of female entrepreneurs. These women are mostly owners of small businesses and local community shops serving the unmet needs of their homes and consumers.


The potential impact that closing the market access gap for women-owned sme's can have on economic development, estimating the link between growth of smes and growth in income per capita suggests that closing the market access gap for women-owned smes could boost the real income per capita growth rates in the country and hence the continent.


Establishing a socio-economic conscious business environment that includes full support of women entrepreneurs could potentially bring millions out of poverty and reduce an alarming gender income gap seen on the African continent. Women are the corner stone of African economic development and are currently under represented. 

In light of this problem, we as Zimba Women have undertaken different Projects to help these women access the necessary support needed to reach the full potential as entrepreneurs and business owners by creating a favorable business environment for female entrepreneurs and women-owned business. 

We also work with young women across the country to encourage them to take up IT related subjects and also support them in becoming innovators and job creators (entrepreneurs). We believe that by supporting the youth, we raise the quality of life for generations to come. 

Our portfolio is indeed a true attestation to our passion to support women entrepreneurs and  reduce the gender income gap in Uganda, (as a start) and the rest of Africa.

These include; 

  • Projects - Our projects are usually a month to a year long. These are meant to empower our participants to acquires given skill sets which they can use to start-up, grow or maintain a business (- entrepreneurs) or guide them to make correct career choices (- for the youth) 

  • Technical Projects/Works -  These are works accomplished by our team members. these can be, websites designed by our team for other clients, written documents, blogs

  • EventsWorkshops and Training - Zimba holds various events that are in line with our mission. 

  • Investment Portfolio - Since we are all about support for women in sub-Saharan Africa, we invest in women-owned businesses in order to help their companies to grow


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