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Our Projects

As Zimba Women, we are passionate about building strong SMEs and believe in development driven by the private sector.


       Our Projects Offer:

  • Entrepreneurship training

  • Digital Skilling

  • Business Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Customized business training

  • Access to networks

  • Access to resources

  • Increased business exposure

  • Business to business linkages

  • Tailor made technical support, adapted to the innovation needs of each individual entrepreneur.


These entrepreneurs are empowered to be able to build and manage their own online stores with Zimba Women's custom E-commerce software.


Through capacity building of female entrepreneurs as well as using the organisation's custom E-commerce solutions, Zimba Women operates with the goal that these entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

Some of the projects we are undertaking this year include:

Mentorship program


As part of our projects this year, Zimba Women is launching a mentorship program aimed at supporting youth in entrepreneurship and IT subjects. The Zimba Women Mentorship Program is a year-long program that kicks off early every year.

When we support the growth and empowerment of women and girls, we raise the quality of life for everyone.

By matching successful women and men with ambitious women and girls, they can help each other accomplish the equality and foundation that will shape the next generation of leaders.

The program aims to provide advice, leadership tips, and tools for young women to live purposeful and well-rounded lives.

What to expect

The mentorship relationship is at the heart of this program. Technology will be used to enable participants to build bonds between mentors and mentees who are not in the same area.

Mentors may interact with mentees over video chat, collaborate on projects, brainstorm solutions to challenges and celebrate achievements as if they were in the same room together. Over the course of the year, the two become invested in each other’s success and merge their talents to make inimitable strides together.

The Zimba Women dedicated team is on hand to provide support and resources throughout the mentoring relationship. On average, mentors and mentees meet at least once in two months.

The program places emphasis on leadership, professional, personal and emotional development as well advice on empowering practical messages to promote good habits, cultivate positive attitudes and build self-confidence.

The benefits

The benefits of a mentoring relationship are tremendous- for both mentees and mentors. From building new skills to rejuvenating interest in their work, making new contacts and forging a bond with someone in another part of the country, mentoring truly presents some invaluable opportunities for everyone involved.

The benefits also extend beyond individuals. The women and girls we work with are pioneering change makers who are poised to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.

Women who are financially independent have greater control over their own lives and often a more influential voice in tackling injustice and discrimination.

Mentoring plays a role in helping women and girls overcome barriers they face and accelerate strides they are already making.

By building their digital literacy and skills, women are in a better position to participate in political and business-related decision making processes.

More information


Zimba Women and the International Trade Centre will be conducting a 6 weeks fully funded entrepreneurship program to women-led start-ups in Uganda through a mobile service called Funzi.

Funzi is an award-winning mobile-only learning service available for everyone with an Internet-connected device to learn practical skills at

They deliver bite-size learning content optimized for quick and easy consumption on mobile. Funzi’s objective is to provide high-quality learning that is accessible to all who need it.

Having access to high-quality learning for free will continue to allow billions of people all around the world to live happier and more sustainable lives.

Funzi is designed for young, aspiring adults motivated to learn new skills. Learners are able to customize their learning paths by choosing courses from livelihood and well-being related themes.

With this, Funzi aims to increase employment, improve lives, and promote the growth and development of local businesses led by women.

Funzi mobile learning course is centred on these 6 themes;

  • Wk 1: The Founder

  • Wk 2: The Inventor

  • Wk 3: The Bureaucrat

  • Wk 4: The Banker

  • Wk 5: The Salesman

  • Wk 6: The Coach

Participants are assessed through a combination of mobile course quizzes, study group tasks, and the Business Model Canvas.

The Program Organizer keeps track of the participants’ completed offline tasks and verifies the identity of each participant for the certification.

To learn more about Funzi, Click here

To register for the program, Click Here

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