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Founder, Mzuriliving

I have greatly benefited from the follow up program especially the Legal advisory session, Financial Management and Strategy Session. As Mzuriliving we didn’t have company structures on how to define our company and this further pushed us to come up with a mission, vision and core values. 

Financially we record all transactions made daily we also got some software like Excel and the wave app which we use to record our daily transactions, the training pushed me to google some apps used other than excel, the wave app shows you your financial performance (income statement) and Balance sheet, there other apps or digital invoices and receipts am looking into, but am very comfortable I know my company’s worth. 

The Mentorship session also helped me re-think about the solutions we tend to offer if they are actually the right solutions to the Problems. 

Design thinking is also key in any business. 

Thank you, Zimba Women. 

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Founder, Smart Garry

Being a part of Zimba Women especially under the Funzi Founder101course and follow-
up has helped me enhance my entrepreneurial skills. I have learnt to carefully plan and
set achievable goals that can propel my business, to be the leader my business needs
and to build meaningful partnerships/networks.

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Gender and M&E Officer for Women Empowerment Institute in Kabale District

The Funzi 102 entrepreneurship skills application was very important, value adding and very timely when we were planning to have a profit-making element in our organization. The main elements of the course were business model identification, financial literacy, marketing, leadership and team building and the legal element requirements, dos and don’ts that are generally the heart of any business. I for one will never be the same again, and I promise to transfer /or use the attained skills in my organization to make a difference in people’s lives in my community.

Lynette Nerima
Victoria Nakitto
Twegyesibwe Gorreti
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